Jellyfish, are considered a delicacy and are used in Chinese medicine.
Book of Codes

What in the Jellyfish is Going On?

Deciphering the book of codes by :Luna

In the above picture, Jellyfish are considered a delicacy to eat by humans and are also used in medicine.7

The Ups & Downs of Jellyfish

Deciphering codes to learn about Jellyfish.


Foregoing Good Judgement Violet Fathomed Holding Hands


Turtles Bite Flavored Medicine Foolhardily Vomiting Yogurt

Jellyfish tentacles are poisonous, but sea turtles are unaffected by their sting as they are reptiles that have thick skin that is covered with scales. Learn more.


Fish Living Downunder Voraciously Sting Killing Prey

The Portuguese man o’ war is not a jellyfish as most people think.
Despite its jelly appearance, the sea creature is a siphonophore.


Random Bubbles Display Nature Under Dreadful Yawping


Cassiopea’s Upside Down Umbrella Venturing Under X-Ray

Jellyfish of the Cassiopea genus are the only ones that rest with their umbrellas on the ocean floor and their tentacles pointing upward. This unique quality has earned them the nickname of ‘upside-down jellyfish’.


Tentacled Jellies Fire Tactical Harm Generously


Freshwater Generations Grow Tiny Brackish Tadpoles Before Dinner


Ephyra Basking Electrically Inside Recreational Vehicles

Book of Codes Explained

The idea is to choose a page from the book and then decide on a theme. Decipher the codes into words surrounding the theme. Add pictures for extra credit!

It gives me a chance to practice with WordPress (web page design software) but my secret hope is my grandchildren may come to see “homework” as rewarding! 😊

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