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30th Anniversary of an Amazing Annual Barbershop Harmony Show

Patapsco Valley’s 1991 show set a high bar. A quartet “parade” with spectacular performers appeared to a sold out show at the Woodlawn Highschool. Not sure what capacity the auditorium held but it was a lot.

And the afterglow? Wow! It was recorded and given to me in good faith I would keep and share it someday. Well I just had it professionally remastered and it sounds perfect!

Like the show it featured top M-AD quartets & an International Gold medalist!

Risky Business

The Entertainers, featuring Freddie King

The Untouchables – 1st Place 1991 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champions

ACOUSTIX – 1st Place 1990 International Quartet Champions

Sorry, working on which songs are public domain or may need a license to enjoy.