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Amazing Ancestry of Douglas Bayliss’ Family

This is a work in progress for our family ancestry including lineage for Bayliss, Stanton, Theisz & Baughsmith. If you have additional information or resources please let me know. @ gmail .com

A picture for my Grandchildren

4 Generations
4 Generations of Bayliss!


My Father’s Mother
Mabel Stanton
Grandma Bayliss was born on January 20, 1902, in Scott, PA.
She died on September 4, 1989.
Her maiden name was White and below is what I have so far on any family history. Need to connect 200 years of dots!

Joshua WHITE was born on 9 April 1792
According to the LDS Family Group Record, he may have been born in Roxbury, Delaware County, NY, or Red Kill, NY.
Information from The White Geneology by Howard D. Miller, pp. 8-13

They (Joshua & Elizabeth (Morse) Ganung White) came to the Abingtons from Delaware County, N.Y. in 1828 and settled on a farm known as Eber White’s. Joshua was baptized in the Baptist church by Elder John Miller.

Of the thirteen children born to Joshua and Elizabeth White, all lived to manhood and womanhood except the last child, who died as an infant, and the ninth child, Lydia, who died when she was twelve years of age. The others all married and settled on farms between Green Cove and Clarks Green, except the second child, Cynthia, who married Jason Stanton and lived at Cannon, near Waymart, PA.

Joshua and Elizabeth White are buried in the White Cemetary on the farm where he settled in South Abington, later known as the Eber White Farm.
The farm is now owned (as of 1970) by Carl White, grandson of Eber White. Joshua was in the War of 1812.
They came here in 1828. Joshua and Elizabeth White had 13 children.” He died on 6 October 1847 at the age of 55 in Pennsylvania.

Joshua WHITE and Elizabeth MORS were married on 11 September 1811 in Red Kill, Delaware County, NY (Red Kill is not a city or village, but an area south of Roxbury in Delaware County, NY.)

Elizabeth MORS daughter of Joseph MORS and Irene “Irena” HAYNES, was born in 1790 in Frederickstown Township, Putnam County, NY. (Her surname may have been spelled “Morse.”)
She appeared in the census in 1850 in Abington, Luzerne County, PA.57 She was living with her son Eber and his family.
She died in 1882 at the age of 92 in Pennsylvania.

Joshua WHITE and Elizabeth MORS had the following children:
(Unknown Child) WHITE was born after 1811

Sanford WHITE.

Cynthia WHITE.

Julian WHITE was born on 6 March 1815 in New York.
(According to the LDS Family Group Record, he may have been born in Roxbury, NY.)
He died on 19 January 1905 at the age of 89


Chloe WHITE.

Henry WHITE was born on 3 April 1821.
He died on 3 September 1906 at the age of 85

Irena WHITE was born on 26 March 1823 in Roxbury Township, Delaware County, NY.3
(According to the LDS Family Group Record, he may have been born in Roxbury, NY.).
She died on 21 May 1909 at the age of 86.

Ada WHITE was born on 5 November 1824.
She died on 27 January 1899 at the age of 74

Asenath Jane WHITE was born on 28 May 1828 in Clarks Green, Lackawanna County, PA.3
(According to the LDS Family Group Record, she may have been born in Roxbury, NY.)
She died on 28 May 1895 at the age of 67.

Lydia WHITE was born on 22 July 1831 in Clarks Green, Lackawanna County, PA.3
(According to the LDS Family Group Record, she may have been born in Roxbury, NY.)
She died on 3 March 1843 at the age of 11.



My Father
Ronald W. Bayliss
Our family’s surname “Bayliss” is traced back to Derbyshire, England.

Douglas BAYLISS was born December 18′, 1957 in State College, PA.

Ronald BAYLISS was born on December 14, 1933, in Clarks Summit, PA.

Francis BAYLISS was born on November 5, 1900

Thomas BAYLISS was born November 5, 1874, in Warwickshire, England
Died in 1950 in Pennsylvania.

Henry BAYLISS was born on January 1846 in Warwickshire, England
Died in 1867

William Bayliss was born in 1813 in Derbyshire, England

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My grandfather Francis BAYLISS’ mother was Adelia CASWELL whose lineage is traced back to the 16th century.

Adelia CASWELL was born in Pennsylvania in 1875.

Francis CASWELL was born on April 27, 1837.
Died in 1866

Francis CASWELL was born on December 2, 1791, in Gloucester, England.
Died in 1851

William CASWELL was born in 1765 in Wiltshire, England.

Francis CASWELL was born in 1738 in Wiltshire, England.


My Mother’s Mother
Naomi Baughsmith


My Mother’s Father
Francis Theisz

Tall Sailing Ships

Many of us have ancestors that came to the “new world” on tall sailing ships. Ours as well including Ada Tracy in 1885 and Peregrine White in 1620!


On Mom’s side, according to my Great Uncle Bill Bauthsmith, there is Ada Tracy who crossed in 1885. “Uncle Bill,” told me the story goes Ada was so overjoyed at finally reaching land, she sketched a sailing ship depicting the voyage, right from the beach after landing.

I have this beautiful artwork from 1885 and consider it a prized possession.

chalk artwork
Original chalk artwork from 1885


My Dad’s mother’s ancestry leads directly to Peregrine White who crossed in 1620 on The Mayflower.

Artist rendition of The Mayflower at sea.

Can you imagine crossing the Atlantic on such a ship? Also my dad’s father, Francis Bayliss has lineage leading to Francis Casswell born 20-May-1738 in Wilkshire, England. Not sure when the first Bayliss sailed across the Atlantic but it must have been an amazing journey.

In Memory

My Dad, The Compelling Life of Ronald W. Bayliss

Our Daughter, Erica Michelle Bayliss