CMTA Charcot Marie Tooth

Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Awareness

We’ll never really know which of my bloodlines originated the Charcot Marie Tooth. Maybe it’s been a DNA abnormality since the stone age.

CMT Diagnoses

I was the first one diagnosed with it after seeking medical help for twisting my ankle and tumbling down the stairs one too many times. After we learned “drop foot” was a visible side effect, and the reason I was clumsy, we knew my mom had it, explaining her “high gate” to keep from tripping!

It’s been said CMT is “the most common rare disease,” so presumably a lot of people have it (in varying degrees). If you are observant you can notice people walking around with a “dropped foot” but I got braces because that’s bullshit.

The World of Narnia

Who made this video? It’s pretty funny. When one of the wolves drops his plate he looks just like me!

Daddy’s Little Helpers

Think what you want this stuff will calm your nerves.


Charcot Marie Tooth Description

Baffling, bewildering, complex, complicated, confounding, difficult, perplexing, upsetting, depressing, discouraging, disheartening, distasteful, frustrating, mediocre, unpleasant, unsatisfying, annoying, bothersome, distressing, disturbing.

CMT - Chardot Marie Tooth

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