Doug Bayliss Video

Video Introduction

If you are going to hold meetings remotely it’s a good idea to test the audio/visual components of your home studio. If you’re streaming from your phone or tablet, kudos. For me, a desktop works best. I may regret this but here is an off-the-cuff introduction. I’d rather you see “me” not some rehearsed, over-produced…

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My Wedding Day Monodrama

From the Toastmasters’ “Interpretive Reading” Advanced Communicator manual, there is an assignment to write and perform a 5-7 minute Monodrama. A Monodrama is a dramatic composition written for one performer. Introduction Host: “From standing at the altar to when he heard the words “You may now kiss the bride!” Doug will relive for us, the…

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In the 1980’s I serenaded my girlfriend with a song from the musical, “Mame.” She must have liked it because shortly afterward she married me! Recently, I wrote a parody for her for her birthday and sang it at an open mic night to a backing track. Same song, different words. I’m trying to learn…

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