The Waterfall

June 8th, 2017 by dbayliss Leave a reply »

How I Love to Sit Beneath the Falls

by Doug Bayliss

Thunderous sounds of water cascades,
daily tensions begin to fade.

Cold wet spray swirling through the air,
glistening drops trace face and hair.

Lush green foliage in full abound,
bouquet of nature all around.

Eyes closed in heavenly trance,
mind flows free through infinite expanse.

Nature’s power and grand design,
with body and soul are now entwined.

The barrage of water erodes all stress,
beating rhythms, thoughts transgress.

A state of relaxation so sublime
the essence of self now in its prime.

Eyes now open heartbeat quickens
from every drop, sunlight glistens

Unbridled nature dearly enthralls
how I love to sit beneath the falls.


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