The Tumultuous 1990’s

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My Tumultuous 90’s
by Doug Bayliss

For me, the 1990′s were very tumultuous, but in the end, because of my fortitude, it was a successful decade. I ultimately navigated through several life-changing events.

First, we were blessed with the care of an angel from heaven, our daughter, who desperately needed our love and care especially in light of her medically fragile condition.

The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too. ― Ernest Hemingway, Men Without Women

Secondly, during this time I also worked through the hard breakup of a very successful family business. As a result, I managed my very own mid-life career change!

Thirdly, through all of this, I succeeded in staying married to a mean, rotten old witch who constantly tormented me! Strike that! To the kindest, most caring, beautiful loving woman that ever graced the earth!

Okay, so this was just a quick snapshot of what the 90’s were like for me.  I’d like to revisit someday and expand, I’m thinking there are some good stories here many being motivational.

Sharing your life story can be an astonishing affirmation. Have you thought about the things in your life, that re-affirm that you are capable to do anything thing that you want to do?

Word of the day: Tumultuous adj. characterized by unrest, disorder or insubordination


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