How Is Your Relationship With Yourself?
by Doug Bayliss

Go ahead and Google “relationships” and you will discover A LOT has been written on the subject. For example, there are the 8 relationships of intimacy, the 14 types of relationships you will almost certainly have before you find long-term happiness, the 7 Types of Love Relationships, types of dating relationships, types of interpersonal relationships, types of friendships, and even types of relationships between organisms! ??

Then I discovered the ultimate list of 23 relationships:

abusive relationship.
asexual relationship.
codependent relationship.
complicated relationship.
controlling relationship.
distracted relationship.
emotional relationship.
friends with benefits.
held-by-loss relationship.
imperfect relationship.
insecure relationship.
long distance relationship.
love-hate relationship.
May December relationships.
negotiation relationship.
open relationship.
pastime fling.
sacrificial relationship.
sexual affair.
toxic relationships.
trophy relationship.
truly compatible romance
unhappy relationship.

Do you see what I see? There is something missing! With all of these different types of relationships, not one mention of what I have come to know is the most important relationship of all: The relationship you have with yourself!

If we get to know ourselves, we can be successful in any other relationship, in fact it will come naturally.

“We must be our own before we can be another’s” – Ralf Waldo Emerson

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