Would You Clone Your Pet?

This is part 1 in a 3 part series. My love for dogs started early, as my grandparents and my parents bred Collies. Collie puppies were so much fun to play with! Later on in high school, we had a large… (READ MORE)

Cloning for Fun & Profit

This part 2 in a 3 part series. We’ve seen that people are cloning their pets to try and keep the memory alive of their loss, but is there a commercial side to cloning?  As it turns out, there is… (READ MORE)

Is There a Downside to Cloning?

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series In our journey so far, we’ve learned that it will cost over $100,000 dollars if we want to clone our beloved pet. We also now know  that an entire industry revolves around cloning… (READ MORE)

Pledge of Allegiance


In 1969, comic Red Skelton lamented on his weekly television show that the Pledge of Allegiance might someday be considered a “prayer” and eliminated from public schools. He then described an incident from his schoolboy days in Indiana. Skelton’s teacher,… (READ MORE)

Child’s Play


Child’s Play The holidays. The most traveled days of the year… Let us reflect on why some parents dread family road trips. Is it filling up the gas tank?  Paying Tolls?  What to eat along the way? No -it’s the… (READ MORE)



Do you recognize when poets use imaginary and rhythm to convey  meanings and emotions? Do you know the differences between poetry and prose? The main difference between Poetry and Prose is… 1. Poetry has rhythm, cadence and rhyming words. 2. Prose… (READ MORE)



‘Awesome’: The most overused word in English Join the anti-awesome movement and expand your vocabulary with these ‘amazing’ alternatives—45 of them. Now mind you, I don’t want to banish “awesome” entirely. Occasionally, it is the best choice. But I would love to… (READ MORE)

Information Overload

Information overload, conceptual image

Have you ever walked into a room with great purpose only to find out that you’re clueless as to why you walked in there? Have you been in the middle of a conversation (or speech) only to have your mind… (READ MORE)

History of Money


Using visual aids to help inform is a great way to deliver a speech. I gave a presentation on the history of money using the photos to visually support my spoken word. The History of Money   Have you ever wondered … (READ MORE)

On A Wing & A Prayer

god's light

A Wing and A Prayer By Douglas Bayliss Although we arrived at the Hunterdon County Medical Center without incident, what ensued was something neither one of us was prepared for. We probably should have taken that Lamaze class! After getting checked… (READ MORE)