About Me

3 Words

What 3 words describe your life?  According to my Facebook profile, these are mine: Resilience, discipline, and health. “Doug, these are the words that best represent your life! Everyone connects them with you immediately because you are a positive person who… (READ MORE)



Today is the anniversary of our daughter Erica’s passing, 16 years ago. She was 8 and died of complications relating to her debilitating disease, Lissencephally. Of course my brother Jeff succumbed to cancer just three days ago, he was 54. … (READ MORE)

My Wedding Ceremony


The goal of this speech is to deliver a 5-7 minute Mono-drama (a dramatic composition written for one performer). I decided to publicly relive the final moments leading up to the words “You may now kiss the bride.” on my… (READ MORE)


Songs to learn for O’s games.