Today is the anniversary of our daughter Erica’s passing, 16 years ago. She was 8 and died of complications relating to her debilitating disease, Lissencephally. Of course my brother Jeff succumbed to cancer just three days ago, he was 54.  Not a good week!

You can learn about our life with Erica at our memorial page. It was very therapeutic for me to build the memorial page. I cried so often but it was in fact a great healing process. I don’t cry anymore but still visit the page time and again.

Here is an excerpt:

Summer 2009
People called us crazy (so what else is new?). We were happy to accept an exchange student for the summer of 2000. Anaise visited us from Valenzuela very her summer exchange program and became very close to Erica. It was a great experience for both of them and for us.


The “gang” pictured above enjoyed a sunny afternoon of miniature golf. Ever try to get a wheelchair around a miniature golf course? It ain’t easy, but you know what? It was more than well worth it.

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