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Would You Clone Your Pet?

This is part 1 in a 3 part series. My love for dogs started early, as my grandparents and my parents bred Collies. Collie puppies were so much fun to play with! Later on in high school, we had a large… (READ MORE)

Cloning for Fun & Profit

This part 2 in a 3 part series. We’ve seen that people are cloning their pets to try and keep the memory alive of their loss, but is there a commercial side to cloning?  As it turns out, there is… (READ MORE)

Is There a Downside to Cloning?

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series In our journey so far, we’ve learned that it will cost over $100,000 dollars if we want to clone our beloved pet. We also now know  that an entire industry revolves around cloning… (READ MORE)

Toastmasters’ Club Officer Roles


Each of the officers in a Toastmasters club has certain responsibilities to fulfill in supporting the club and its members. There are several officer positions within each Toastmasters club, both to spread the workload fairly and to expand the leadership… (READ MORE)

Evaluate to Motivate

A constructive evaluation can be a motivational process for both receiver and giver, whether at work or play. The steps below are tailored to a speaker giving a speech but can be adapted to most circumstances. Provide an encouraging and… (READ MORE)

Why Toastmasters?

If someone asked me; “Why do you go to Toastmasters?” I would answer: we discover things we didn’t know about ourselves and they turn out to be things that could use some improving. Public Speaking obviously, it is amazing how… (READ MORE)



Today is the anniversary of our daughter Erica’s passing, 16 years ago. She was 8 and died of complications relating to her debilitating disease, Lissencephally. Of course my brother Jeff succumbed to cancer just three days ago, he was 54. … (READ MORE)

Pledge of Allegiance


In 1969, comic Red Skelton lamented on his weekly television show that the Pledge of Allegiance might someday be considered a “prayer” and eliminated from public schools. He then described an incident from his schoolboy days in Indiana. Skelton’s teacher,… (READ MORE)



Do you recognize when poets use imaginary and rhythm to convey  meanings and emotions? Do you know the differences between poetry and prose? The main difference between Poetry and Prose is… 1. Poetry has rhythm, cadence and rhyming words. 2. Prose… (READ MORE)



‘Awesome’: The most overused word in English Join the anti-awesome movement and expand your vocabulary with these ‘amazing’ alternatives—45 of them. Now mind you, I don’t want to banish “awesome” entirely. Occasionally, it is the best choice. But I would love to… (READ MORE)