Are You “Generation Jones?”
by Doug Bayliss

Generation Jones is a term recently coined for the generation born between 1954 and 1965. As a generation raised in the shadow of the older baby boomers and foreshadowed by a younger generation X, some of us in this date range might feel a little overlooked.

However, this generation, as the up and coming largest population segment, is being noticed by advertisers!

As you may have guessed, I am “Gen-Jones,” and I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

I love being outside and enjoy camping, going for walks and star gazing. I think this came about during my early childhood. At that time I spent a great deal of time visiting my grandparents who owned a small country airport. A favorite memory is riding with my grandfather on a big tractor while he mowed the airport runways!


The kind of tractor I would ride on with my Grandfather as he mowed the runways.

There was also a swimming pool and a wooded area for exploring so I’m pretty sure this is where I learned to love the outdoors.

I did an Internet search on the airport and actually found an article with a photo from 1953.

Sky Manor Airport

Sky Manor Airport circa 1953.

In high school, I was a member of the chorus and in my senior year I was honored to be invited to join the coveted Madrigal group, which was acapella and I enjoyed that very much. Today I am a member of the Hanover Barbershop Chorus in Hanover, PA, and the Heart of Maryland Barbershop chorus in Catonsville, MD.  It’s a great hobby for acapella singers!

I started work as a bookkeeper at my Dad’s engineering company in 1978! When computers hit the scene in the early 1980’s I converted the handwritten and popular “one-write” books along to a computerized accounting system, which I enjoyed doing very much. I did this type of conversion for several other companies.

I advanced throughout my career and became Director of Finance for a company that sold very expensive air pollution control

In the late 90’s I successfully managed a “mid-life” career change due to the collapse of my employer’s business. After obtaining Microsoft certifications I became a full-time computer technician and today continue to gain knowledge and experience supporting this crucial facet of any business.  I currently manage computer systems and projects for one of the areas largest property management companies located in Baltimore, MD.

I am married and helped raise 3 wonderful children. Our firstborn daughter, recently married and a graduate of the American Art Institute has given us 3 beautiful grandchildren.  Our Son, a senior at Penn State is studying structural engineering.

Our last child, Erica, was born in 1992 with a severe disability.  Developmentally her brain remained 2 months old and presented us with many challenges. It, however, united us as a family and we are much stronger and compassionate people from this experience. Our story about life with Erica is here.

To fill the void of so much time left on our hands, we started a home-based hobby business and provided music and MC services for events held in and around Gettysburg, PA.  For 10 years Bayliss Entertainment was a successful venture but we have since slowed down due to my own physical limitations.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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