Evaluate To Motivate

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A constructive evaluation can be a motivational process for both receiver and giver, whether at work or play. The steps below are tailored to a speaker giving a speech but can be adapted to most circumstances.

Provide an encouraging and constructive speech evaluation with these guidelines.

Before the speech:
1. Ask the speaker if there is anything specific you should listen for, or watch for, that the speaker wishes to improve upon.
2. Review the speech objectives as presented in the manual.

During the speech:
1. Listen, listen, listen.
2. Are the objectives being met?

After the speech:
1. Applause to let the speaker know the job was well done!
2. “Standing Ovation” for the Icebreaker or 10th speech is a great idea.

Try to present the evaluation as a mini-speech with a beginning, middle and an end. Hint: Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it, tell them what you said.

Evaluation Guidelines:

  • Be supportive and encouraging.
  • Use 1st person to describe the speech elements.

I saw…
I heard…
I felt…

  • Give 2-3 positive examples of what went well.

I thought…

  • Give 1-2 examples of what could be improved upon or done differently.
  • Big conclusion – summarize and end on a positive note.
  • Remember: Don’t “kill them with kindness.” Constructive feedback makes us better when provided in a supportive and encouraging way.

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