A Walk Through The Forest At Night
by Doug Bayliss

Crack! A stick snaps underfoot and suddenly we are consumed by silence.

Cool night air raises Goosebumps as it gently brushes exposed vulnerable skin.

Tiny pins of white light twinkle down through tall majestic trees.

In awe of the tranquility of the moment, we remain alert in the surreal quietness.

A soft “peep” chirps through the air, followed by another.

Each member of vast orchestra chimes in, “peep… peep… chi-burrr.”
The forest timidly resumes its symphony.

“Hoot-hoot-who,” “kakaw, kakaw,” “bzzzzz,” a tiny insect zooms by –too close for comfort!

Leaves bustle as creatures stir beneath the foliage, in pursuit of their dinner, or scurry quickly so as to not be dinner!

Heavy winged percussion carries night birds through the air, branches creak under their weight as they land.

A faint “whoosh” sound is heard beneath the commotion.

We continue our walk through nature’s gallery as a distant glow casts long dancing shadows.

A bright cold moon, rising in the east greets us as we step into a vast open space.

We have reached the ocean’s shore.

Sparkling brightly in the glow of the moon, wave after wave happily rush to the shore with a thunderous roar.

We hasten our walk to the water’s edge, and absorb the ocean’s power, trading the wooded clamor for the soothing rhythmic beat of the ocean’s tide.

Bright glowing bubbles dance in the sand as water repels back into the ocean, only to return once again to kiss our toes.

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